Label printing - for Scan-2-Order

The labels required for the Scan-2-Order system, including individual knitting codes assigned to the product, can be easily created in the web shop and then printed out with your printer. The advantages for you: You can print the labels at any time if required. The labels can be printed with individual prices, adapted to your shop. There are no costs for additional printers or special labels.

print labels in three steps

Step one:

Add the items for which you want to print a barcode label to the shopping cart.


Tip: It is also possible to copy an old order back into the shopping cart via the order search and print labels for it.

Step two:

Click on the "Print labels" button to open a new window. Here you can choose from various templates for your warehouse or shop.

Step three:

Click on your desired label format and a new PDF document will open.


Print the PDF on the label sheets using your existing printer. Done!


Note: The required label sheets can be ordered directly from GRANIT under order number 33833802. The warehouse labels are also available in any office supply store of your choice.

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