GRANIT Shop System -Five tips for the efficient and successful design of your salesrooms

When furnishing your own salesrooms, there are a few things to consider. Which goods are shown to best advantage where? How should the individual shop modules be arranged? How do I stage my products?

1. Put your offer in the right light

Ensure the right lighting in your salesrooms. By using strip lighting and downlights in the ceiling you can create effective and friendly ambient lighting. You can also create a pleasant and private atmosphere by indirect lighting, e.g. by illuminating walls or by lowered luminaires over sales tables and displays. At the same time it makes sense to set selective accents. Individual products as well as highlights and offers can be highlighted separately with targeted lighting using individual spots.


2. Less is (almost always) more

Design your salesrooms according to the motto "class instead of mass". Convince your customers with a clear selection of selected articles. Less is more here. But also make sure that action areas are created at special points. These encourage your customers to make spontaneous purchases and show that you have attractive offers. Allow your customers the necessary freedom of movement and thus ensure relaxed shopping.


3. Order and structure

Create a clear structure of the products, arrange their articles according to product groups and label their offers. Provide product highlights with an attractive place on the shelf and make sure that they are placed at the right height. The permanent placement of goods in one and the same place, clear product designations and clear price indications enable regular and new customers to find their way around your salesrooms quickly and easily.

4. Always up to date

Include new products from GRANIT and other manufacturers in your range in good time and convince your customers by keeping them up-to-date. In your product portfolio, you can rely on a balanced mix of popular classics and innovative new products. Align your product assortments with the seasonal needs of your customers.


In addition, make sure that the shelves are regularly stocked, avoid empty shelves and free spaces - what is not available on the shelf, your customers cannot purchase.


5. Highlight Special Products

Create enough free space for special product highlights that you want to showcase. Make your customers curious about new products and create buying impulses by positioning new goods in a thoughtful and appealing way.


Use tools such as the GRANIT action module or additional salesroom equipment from GRANIT to highlight new articles. Work with clear labeling and targeted lighting to present product innovations and offers effectively, to set sales impulses effectively and to increase your turnover.

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