Highest quality standards.
Trust is good, control is better.

For us, quality control is an important component of a constant quality level. 8 members of staff monitor our consistent product quality, so that our customers can provide premium repair service in their workshops.

In a multi-level process, we cooperate with independent institutions for quality assurance: from the selection of suppliers to the revision of quality standards during the manufacturing process and at delivery.

Scientific tests of material characteristics, compounding, hardness and friction resistance make sure that you can rely on our products and that we can keep the quality standards we promised.

Order by 5 pm -
Delivery next day.

Stocks mean capital commitment. With the number of parts produced per machine declining constantly and a broad diversity of brands, only a centralised warehouse philosophy for all of Europe is economically viable.
A storage area of 30,600 m² turns our distribution centre into Europe’s biggest central spare parts warehouse in its sector.
We always have 122,500 items on hand and stock and dispatch an average of 4,328 orders a day. Our percentage rate of deliveries is 96.2.
Today’s market requires sophisticated logistic concepts. Modern storage technologies and highly productive logistic partners provide a customer-orientated operating process.

By means of our reusable GRANIT express box, we reduce the consumption of packing material and protect the goods from damage due to weather and transportation.

Biggest central spare parts warehouse. A storage area of 30,600 sqm turns our distribution centre into Europe´s biggest central spare parts warehouse in its sector.